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Alice Mason, Murals, Paint Finishes and Fine Art

Green Gold Abstract


Mural detail

Living room paint finishes

Bedroom Mural

Pillars in studio

Painting marble at Caesar's.

Faux marble, Caesar's Palace.

Faux marble, Caesar's Palace.

Studio, painting marble columns.

Mural L.A.

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. Versace Store with faux marble.

Pink Desert

Dreaming Mermaid

I have been a muralist and specialist decorator and set painter for many years, working in France, Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas.

Clients for my murals, faux finishes and specialist decoration have been quite prestigious, ranging from Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford upon Avon to Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

For Shakespeare's birthplace I painted medieval designs with a small team of artists, on mural cloths, in original pigments and materials. The work has appeared in the media.

For Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, I painted with a team, faux marble for the entire shopping mall, Caesar's Forum, where the marble appears to be real. It is all faux, hand-painted marble which I worked on for around a year. Shop fronts and architectural features were painted.
Some of the shops and restaurants included Louis Vuitton, Spagos, Versace, Bernini, Warner Bros and many more. I also painted back drops and sets for film and television in Los Angeles.

Also many murals for homes and restaurants in Los Angeles, London and the south of France. Clients included the Sultan of Oman.

References can be supplied.

I can create bespoke murals on and off-site, either directly on to the wall or on canvas or board, measured to fit into any space. I am currently working on a bathroom mural off-site, painted on canvas and varnished for bathroom use.
Contact me for a quote on 01424 812550 or o7910 718962

Some more of my murals and paint finishes.

Medieval painted cloths. World Antiques Fair, Olympia, London.

Garden mural, London.

Garden mural, London.

Me on right up scaffolding, painting Warner Bros Store, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. Faux marble.

Desert mural. Sandell Perkins Bathroom Display Store, Marble Arch.

Child's bedroom mural, L.A.

Postcard with mural.

Shakespeare's birthplace mural, Stratford Upon Avon.

Mural detail, L.A.

Ceiling mural. Los Angeles.

Me seated, painting Shakespeare's birthplace mural.

Credenza I painted. Los Angeles.

Pompeiian-style mural I painted, London

I am also a fine artist, painter.

My art inspirations vary from metaphysics, secular spirituality, ancient texts, history and traditions, through to film and popular culture. My work is seldom purely representational in any literal sense , but usually inspired by imagination, fantasy and dreams of the unconscious and conscious mind.
I admire work of many artists, from Fra Angelico to Picasso and Chagall. I enjoy surrealism and kitsch art and artefacts. Also religious art and iconography from the sublime to the sentimental, aboriginal art and highly decorative applied arts and ceramics

To view more of my art work, go to:

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